September & October 2023 / Updates

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You can discover our fresh navbar design, crafted for effortless browsing. With clear icons and easy dropdowns, it's your gateway to a smoother, more intuitive user experience.

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The RSS signal type is removed from our sources. All documents will now be labeled as News to improve consistency and efficiency.



An issue was fixed that led to a user being redirected to the Create Organization page instead of the user's respective organization.




The number formatting feature automatically applies formatting to all numerical fields based on user-defined settings. It seamlessly adjusts to system and browser language preferences, ensuring a consistent and clear presentation of numeric data.

ITONICS Cloud improved elements



An issue was fixed that led to an incorrect total count of elements being displayed.

An issue was fixed that led to user images not being displayed correctly in user dropdowns. 


Subscription Settings

ITONICS has disabled all self-service options with regards to managing your subscription. If you have any questions about your subscription or wish to make changes, please reach out to your dedicated contact at ITONICS or our Sales team

It is also no longer possible to deactivate your organization by yourself - our Support colleagues will happily assist you if you wish to have your organization deactivated. 


An issue was fixed that led to the creator of an organization not being able to be deleted from the user management list. If the primary contact of an organization changes, it is now possible to remove  the original  creator.