Mon, 01 Dec 2020 / Minor Changes and Bug Fixes

This release addressed some minor issues and introduced some small changes:

  • Suite: The URLs of the Suite application are now consistent with URLs in other applications, including a reference to the current Workspace.
  • General: We fixed several smaller bugs related to our last large release, e.g. relations of elements not showing up in certain cases.
  • Internet Explorer: We fixed several bugs in Internet Explorer, e.g. the Signals feed not loading any items.
  • Explorer: We made the element profile more robust. It is now not flickering unnecessarily on updates, and it is less blurry in the stack.
  • Roadmap: We improved the responsiveness of the Roadmap overview page and navigation.
  • Insights: Saved search fields in the saved search field bar charts in Insights can now be added to the selection.