1️⃣ Organization-Level Roles and Permissions

The roles on the organizational level determine the permission scheme for the whole Innovation OS

What roles exist on the organizational level?

On the global level (above all the workspace settings), we distinguish between two roles: Member and Application Admin.

  • Administrators can modify workspaces, manage users and permissions across all organizational workspaces, and manage all billing affairs.
  • A member cannot make any change on the organizational level, i.e., they do not have access rights to the following organization setting tabs:

Note:  The display of the settings option depends on your subscription. If you have any questions, contact us at account_manager@itonics.de.

How can I assign or change global roles?

Administrators can assign a role or have the option to change a global user role in the "User & Invitations" tab.

Navigate to the "User & Invitations" tab (1). Here, you will find the list of all users that are part of your ITONICS Innovation OS Organization. You can now either invite new colleagues to join the system (2) or update any existing user role assignment (3).

Please note when you upgrade a "member" role to an "Application Admin" role, the member role will stay for the user. It is not possible to just replace the role.

In both cases, you will be asked to assign the correct role (4). 

As a next step, you should navigate to a workspace and give a local, workspace-specific role to your users. This will allow your users to perform different actions in the respective workspaces. Read more about the workspace roles and permission, the assignment, and change options in this article: ITONICS Knowledge Base | Workspace-Level Roles