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Side Panel Bar Charts

The bar charts in the side panel give you an overview over the Signals' spread across different properties' options.

There is a bar chart for every main property with discrete options, currently document type, country, and category. Each bar shows the number of Signals that belong to that option (e.g. that have been published in the US).

Each bar chart is split into several sections:

Top Options: By default, we show the 5 options with the highest Signal counts.

Custom Options: If you are interested in an option that isn't in the top 5, you can simply search for it in the dropdown and the according bar gets added to the chart. Remove it by clicking on the "X".

Selected Options: This section appears if you have selected at least one of the options, either by clicking on it in the bar chart itself, on the (+)-button, or in one of the main visualizations (for country this would be the world map visualization, for example). Remove the option from the selection by clicking on the "X".

Excluded Options: You can also exclude options by clicking the (x)-button next to the bar. This will filter out any Signals that have that particular value for the property and not show them in the view anymore.

Other and Unassigned: These to numbers are there to represent the remainder of the documents. "Other" shows the sum of all Signals that belong to options not currently shown in the bar chart. "N/A" (not assigned) shows the count of Signals that have no value for this property. This can happen if a Signal has no metadata attached about its country of publication for example.

Within each section, the bars are sorted in descending order of their Signal count. Note that we order the options based on the Signal count after the selection filter is applied, meaning that the highlighted parts of the bar will always be correctly ordered from biggest to smallest whereas the semi-transparent bars can be out of order.