1️⃣ ITONICS Subscription Packages

The ITONICS InnovationOS is designed as your single source of truth for everything innovation. Learn more about our pricing structure and the options we offer.

ITONICS offers you the full range from starting as a small team with a dedicated job to a complete innovation management system on an enterprise level. To accommodate the different situations, the ITONICS pricing is designed around user and feature packages. 

The pricing structure follows our signature ITONICS Big Picture that explicates how innovation management is operated successfully. 

ITONICS Subscription Packages

You can buy individual feature packages for:

  • Foresight, helping you to answer where to play,
  • Ideation, helping you to answer how to win, and
  • Portfolio, helping you to answer what to execute

Or, when you need all of this at once, you can also buy it end-2-end. The functionalities included in each feature package are described here.

Plus, there are certain core features that we have bundled along four different plans:

  • Team | For small groups that need a better way to collaborate
  • Professional | For distributed teams that need to streamline their activities
  • Enterprise | For large organizations that need to manage their activities centrally and allow the freedom to every group to manage their activities decentrally as well

Plus, as a third component, you can decide on how many users should have access to your InnovationOS and are allowed to contribute to your innovation activities.

    If you want to know more or have a question, contact us at account_manager@itonics-innovation.com.