4️⃣ System URL and Hosting of the ITONICS Innovation OS

As a leading provider of services and software solutions in innovation management the protection of our customer data assets is one of our major obligations. Learn more about data security, hosting, and your system-url.

The URL of your system is defined by the creator of the system. During the registration and system setup process, the creator is asked to provide the name and the URL of your Innovation OS. Typically, the structure is like the following: SYSTEMNAME.itonics.io

Our standard hosting is AWS Francfort.

If you want to know more about our obligation to data security, visit this page:

Note: Only data center services in Europe are being used (AWS region, location of data processing), unless other AWS regions have to be integrated due to technical conditions and requirements from the customer (in particular customer locations in other regions Americas, APAC etc.). In this case, a separate reference is made to this.