Thu, 05 May 2022 / Roadmap Improvements


  • As announced, we improved the look and feel of Activities and Connectors in the Roadmap. The improvements increase the legibility and upgrade the way Connectors are drawn when the end date of the first connected Activity is close to the start date of the second. Connectors that point to a conflict are now also more easily identifiable by their dashed look.



  • We have also adapted how the navigation works in Roadmap in order to reduce accidental edits. By default, you will now land in the exploration mode that allows you to look around without accidentally changing anything. If you want to edit the Milestones and Activities on the Roadmap by dragging and dropping, you will first have to activate Quick Edit mode in the toolbar.


In the Signals feed in Explorer, you are now able to click on a Tag and view all Signals for that Tag in Insights. This provides a great way to quickly learn more about the topics you discover on Signals.