Thu, 21 Jan 2022 / Insights Improvements

  1. As announced, you are now able to pin a Signal not only in the Element's Signals Feed, but also in the List of Signals in Insights. You can pin them to an Element if you are in an Element's context, but also to any other search you have saved as an Insights Preset. This allows you to quickly mark Signals as important while researching a topic without having to create a dedicated Element. ⚠️ Note that the pinning action is not available unless you have chosen an Element to refine, or have selected an Insights Preset.
  2. You now also have the option to view only pinned Signals in Insights using the filter dropdown at the top of the list of Signals. 
  3. We have improved the Element creation workflow in Insights:
    1. When creating an Element in Insights from the header, we will now automatically place you in the refinement mode for that Element.
    2. When creating an Element from a Signal in Insights while you are in the refinement mode for an Element, we will automatically relate the newly created Element and the Element you are refining.
  4. We will now automatically restore your last session in a Workspace, so you can jump right back to where you left off - across browsers and devices.