Thu, 10 Jun 2021 / Insights Concept & Interface Iteration

Over the last months, we have worked on the concept of Insights, simplifying it, and prioritizing the important bits of the interface. This update represents the first step in this direction.

Note: The feature documentation in the knowledge base still describes the old interface and mechanisms. We are working on updating those in a timely manner.

Most Notable Changes

  • We have removed the two levels of filtering (search field & selection) which was hard to understand. Instead, filters added from anywhere in Insights will contribute to the global filter that defines what documents are shown and defines the current search. 
  • The list of Signals has been visually prioritized as the centerpiece of the Insights interface. When updating a search, you will immediately see whether the change has produced relevant results.
  • The filters that were previously placed in the header of Insights, are now available in the "Filter"-tab together with the simplified bar charts.
  • The bar charts have been visually overhauled and simplified, serving to communicate what values are currently active in the filter and improving the readability of the single options.
  • The visualizations can now be found in a separate "Visualize"-tab. This helps structure the process into a first exploration, definition and filtering step, and a subsequent visualization and refinement step. While the visualizations have been changed as well, they still allow for interactive filtering. 

Smaller Changes

  • We have cleaned up the timeline visualization visually, and added the functionality to filter by precise dates in the menu for extended functionality in the top right-hand corner.
  • The Cluster visualization has been cleaned up visually, as well, improving readability and allowing for easier navigation when diving in and back out of bubbles.
  • The Signals List & Signals Feed have been simplified, concentrating on the content of the Signals. ⚠️Note that the "Bad Signal" functionality and "Signal Evaluation" has been removed for the time being, but will return.