Thu, 24 Mar 2021 / Insights & Radar Improvements


  • Signals can now be opened in a stack-preview when clicking on them in the list of Signals in Insights and the Signals Feed in Explorer to display more detailed information such as Organizations or People mentioned in them.
  • We have added a bar chart for the "Topics" in the side panel which will allow you to see the most relevant topics for your search field and filter by them.
  • The list of Signals now enables you to interactively filter down the view (e.g. by clicking on the topic-tags which will add that topic to the selection).
  • We have added suggestions to the power search, for syntax elements, for properties you are able to search through and values those properties can take. This makes it much easier to create the perfect query for your search.


  • You can now remove previously added header images in the header image modal in Explorer. 


  • We have improved the way the Radar chooses colors when assigning a property to the color dimension. When choosing "Element Type", it will now by default use the elements' assigned colors; when choosing a property displayed as colored radio-buttons (e.g. Trend's "Adoption Stage" or Technology's "Technology Readiness Level"), the colors of those options will be used. 
  • We have simplified the look of our default Radars (e.g. Trend Radar, Technology Radar), removing properties for the "Halo" and "Donut" dimensions. At the same time, we increased the size of the dots in case no property is selected for "Halo". Of course, you can still use those dimensions in your own saved Radar views.