Thu, 7 Jan 2021 / Signals Sources & Improved Copying

  • Newly added sources: We have added a bunch of new sources to our Signals engine, including RSS feeds, news sites and patents.
    • Patents: We have ingested the last 2 years worth of patents from the European Patent Organization (EPO) in many different languages, including German, English and Spanish.
    • News & RSS: On top of the 2500 top Alexa-ranked news sites and several hundred RSS feeds, we now also provide articles from almost 400 hand-picked, high-quality sources and over 70 new RSS feeds.
  • Improved copying elements from one Workspace to another: If you copy elements at different times, relations that existed in the source Workspace will now reappear once copied over.
  • Insights:
    • We have brought the Signals evaluation to the list of Signals as well.
    • We have improved the usability of the casual search.