Tue, 14 May 2022 / Explorer and Insights Improvements

A brand new login and registration page, and more NEW FEATURES!


  • As announced, you can now create private Radar and Filter Presets in Explorer that are only visible to you, regardless of your role in the Workspace. You can also still create Presets that everyone can see if you are a Lead or Administrator in a Workspace.
  • Visual changes to the Radar toolbar and configuration panel: this now separates the task of configuring a Radar, from the explanatory items – which have been moved to the legend.

  • The Radar legend now shows the options for all dimensions chosen in the configuration panel (see above), as opposed to the Color-dimension, only. This enables you to easily identify important Elements on the Radar.
  • By default, only published Elements will now be shown in the Relations widget in the Element Details. This is to keep the results more relevant. You can still display them using the filtering options (see below). Draft and archived Elements are now also filtered out in the Latest Highlights widget.

    Latest Highlights widget


  • The Casual Search in the header is now much more responsive. It loads more search suggestions once you start typing. Submitting a new search is now a deliberate step: click Enter or Submit at the end of your search input. This gives you time to think about the different search terms you want to add without the results refreshing at each step.
  • We have re-introduced an improved version of the Insights Presets filter widget. The widget allows you to compare the importance of different Insights searches you have saved as Presets. You can enable the widget from the filter customization modal.

  • Insights Presets can now be selected from the bookmark-icon (A below) in the Insights header. The name of a selected Preset is highlighted above the list of Signals (B below).

  • If you are subscribed to the Insights module, you can now click on the Tags on a Signal in an Element's feed to view more Signals for that Tag in Insights.
  • With this release, it is possible to expand the filter widgets in Insights to compare the importance of up to 10 items.
  • An issue was resolved that caused search results not loading when entering a search term in the Casual Search that included quotation marks.
  • Stray Signals from the early 2000s were removed, leading to a much more readable timeline visualization when no date filter is applied. 


  • All apps: Initial loading times have been reduced across all applications, and a loader has been added to indicate loading where there was only a white page before.
  • Settings: An issue has been resolved that deactivated users.
  • Settings: The header in settings now displays at the top of the page, removing issues with overlapping content. 
  • Roadmap: The Activity search in the Roadmap overview is functional.