Tue, 24 Mar 2020 / Explorer & Roadmap Improvements

We have improved the usability of Roadmap and Explorer. Read below for details of improved usability for both.


  • We have improved the usability and navigation of roadmaps. On very large roadmaps, we now automatically collapse all layers when you enter it for the first time. Additionally, the browser will remember exactly which layers you have hidden and which ones you have collapsed. Returning to the roadmap will restore that configuration for you.
  • Milestones now also open in the stack instead of a side panel. This allows you to freely mix and match stacked cards with elements, activities and milestones.
  • Responsiveness issues in the Activity stack's connections widget were fixed.


  • We have improved the usability of the news feed and fixed some permission-related issues at the same time.
  • It is now possible to use the advanced filtering panel to filter for any user field in the system. Try it out: Create a project and assign yourself as "Owner". Then go into the filters, choose projects to filter by and then the Owner field. Type in your name and "Save" the filter. This is a quick way to get a saved filter for all your own projects!