[Video] Discover Network Graph: The Basics

The Network Graph visualization in ITONICS Explorer shows the connections between Elements.

 It can reveal which Elements are important and central, based on the strength of their links to each other. The Network Graph can reveal the renewed relevance of Elements created by colleagues in the past. 

If you want to see the connections between Trends, navigate in ITONICS Explorer from the default Grid view to the Network Graph visualization. You will now see Trend Elements arranged as a network of connected dots. By default, the Elements are connected using the relations you and your colleagues have created. But you can also click Configuration and select Shared Tags as the basis for Links. The Elements now rearrange based on the number of tags they share. Hover over an Element, and the visualization temporarily highlights the other Elements with which it has tags in common. 

Drag the Minimum Strength of Links slider to the right, and you see weaker links disappear. Elements with weaker links move to the outer periphery, while Elements with stronger links remain in the center. This is a good way to declutter the Network Graph and reveal important Trends. You can do the same with Element Type set to Technology or Inspiration. ITONICS lets you select multiple Element types simultaneously, such as Trend, Inspiration, and Technology. This can be a valuable way to find relevant connections between these different Element types. Note that the graph will only display 200 Elements at a time. If needed, narrow down the results by applying more filters. 

Watch these steps demonstrated in the video below.