2️⃣ Navigating the main menu

To navigate quickly to the most relevant parts of your Innovation OS, you will find the most important menu items on the left side of your screen.

After you successfully log in to the ITONICS platform, you will land on the home page. On the left side of the screen, you will see the main navigation menu. The main navigation menu consists of six sections: 

  1. Workspace Picker (to switch between workspaces)
  2. Create (to add content of any element type)
  3. The ITONICS Tools
  4. Help and Support
  5. Your User Profile and Settings 

1. Workspace Picker 

Your Innovation OS is designed to engage multiple teams and stakeholders with different interests on one single source of truth. Workspaces thus allow you to provide each of these groups with different (content) interests with their own home.

When you are allowed to access different workspaces, they will be listed here. Simply click on the name of the current workspace and click on the name of another workspace to enter it. 

You can learn more about the creation and administration of workspaces in this article.

2. Create

When you want to intake content, the create button is the easiest option to enter single content intakes. When you click on Create, you are asked to categorize the content that you want to intake. The available element types have been configured by your Administrator.

You are asked to enter a title and a summary. By clicking the check box, the first content element will be created, and the model will open again so that you can enter more content.

Further, you can define the publication status. If you want to save it as a draft, click the respective button. If you want to publish it directly and make it available to the other users, simply click Publish.

ITONICS Workspace

To learn more about all the options of how to intake single and bulk content elements, read on in this article.

3. The ITONICS Tools 

The real work gets done inside the different ITONICS Tools. 

Please note that the display of these tools depends on your subscription plan.

To learn more, simply contact us at account_manager@itonics-innovation.com

  • Insights (read more here)

    Insights utilizes natural language processing technology to return relevant information from the ITONICS data lake, consisting of various sources (incl. news, patents, scientific publications, and companies). It eases scouting activities by returning similar relevant inspirations and drafting time series charts of signal development.

  • Explorer (read more here)

    The Explorer is the heart of the ITONICS application. In the Explorer, you can find all the content that exists throughout a workspace. This includes published content as well as content that is archived, or in draft mode. It thus serves as the easiest way to find content around specific topics (cf. the article on searching content or filter criteria).

  • Radar (read more here)

    The ITONICS Radar is the module for displaying a rich content landscape and understanding it easily by representing multiple characteristics simultaneously by the distance to the radar center, placement in a segment, color, halo, and donut. 

  • Matrix (read more here)

    The ITONICS Matrix enables users to analyze, track, monitor, and re-evaluate a distinct set of content for decisions. 

  • Lists (read more here)

    ITONICS Lists is an extension of the Explorer that allows you to see your content in the form of a list and with configurable columns. This way, you can edit content in bulk easily and as fast as possible. Furthermore, Lists comes with its own dashboard capability, allowing you to analyze and represent your content engagingly.

  • Boards (read more here)

    The ITONICS Board is the module for displaying a content landscape that follows a certain process flow. It can, for instance, help you understand in what stage and status your project portofolio is. It is organized by rows and columns whereas each can represent a specific meaning. Furthermore, the color displayed on the card of a content element can represent a third dimension. More information can be put on each card.

  • Network Graph (read more here)

    The ITONICS Network Graph enables you to get an overview of the relationships between different elements in one place. You can now identify hot topics or your unconnected dots.

  • Roadmap (read more here)

    The ITONICS Roadmap helps you to both master strategic planning as well as generate an overview across the innovation landscape. This could include (a) future markets you identified to be attractive, (b) products and services you are working on to address that future (or existing) markets, (c) technologies you need to order to bring those products and services to market by developing them in-house or (d) working with start-ups, universities, and corporate partners. All of which is plotted along a timeline.

4. Help and Support

 This navigation item allows you to contact the ITONICS support team.

Read more on what you can do here.

5. User Profile and Settings

You can view and manage your profile, including your account information, workspace, and organization details from here.

Read more on what you can do here.