How to work with Lists

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  1. Navigate to the List
  2. Default view on the List 
  3. Actions on the List


Navigate to the List

You can find the List on the left side menu.

After logging in you can easily locate the List menu (1) item in the left-hand side vertical navigation section, alongside other menu items such as Network Graph or Matrix.

Clicking on the arrow next to the List item will show you all available List presets (2).


Default view on the List

Once you open the List a default preset view called Portfolio Reporting is visible. This preset will populate the List with the following configuration:


This List preset also includes a threshold definition for Budget Left and Resources Left. Every negative number is colored in red, and everything positive is colored in green. 


The List preset also comes with the following preconfigured KPI Widgets:

The default view is available to help you get started quickly. You can, however, change the setup of the List easily. Read this article and learn how to modify the List to suit your specific use case or create new Lists.


Actions on the List

Edit fields

You can make changes to your elements directly via the List. Whether you need to add information, maintain information, or rate elements, you can do it with a few clicks. Here's how:

  1. Navigate to the specific field within your List that you want to edit.  Hovering over the respective field, will highlight the field in blue. 
  2. To edit the field's contents simply click directly within the field itself. This action will activate editing mode.
  3. In editing mode you can modify the existing content as needed. You can add, delete or replace content.
  4. Make sure to confirm your changes if needed.

Note: You need the correct permission to edit elements and the respective fields in Lists.


Resize columns

You can adjust the size of each column to customize the view of your data, ensuring that you have the perfect view for your use cases. To adjust column widths to your liking, follow these steps:

  1. Find the field for which you want to adjust the width, and hover over the column header. A column separator will appear.
  2. Position your mouse over the separator line of the column you want to resize. When hovering, your cursor will change to a resizing icon indicating that the column is ready to be adjusted
  3. Click and hold your mouse button while hovering over the separator line. Then, drag the line to the left or right to increase or decrease the column's width.

Sort the List

You can sort the whole List according to a criterion of your choice to efficiently organize your data. You can sort columns in ascending or descending order, as well as alphabetically. 

  1. Find the field you want to sort by, and hover over the column header. A sort icon will appear.
  2. Click on the sort icon once to sort the List. Clicking twice, will sort the List in the opposite order.

The default sorting is ascending by the updated date. We recommend changing it to sorting by element title to avoid elements that you have updated, jumping to the top of your list.


Note: At present, you can sort by element title, date fields, number fields, ratings, and numeric ratings. We are also working on a sort feature for other field types. 


Open elements in the stack

You can click on each element title to open the respective element in the element stack. This preview allows you to directly look at all information, especially information that can not be configured as columns on the List, such as text fields or attachments. 


Change the aggregation type

Check out this article.

Change the conditional formatting rules

Check out this article.