Tue, 21 Sep 2021 / Minor Improvements

Apart from several bug fixes in both 🗺️Explorer and ⚡Insights, we have improved the following in this small release:

  1. When searching in Explorer, you will now also be searching through Tags added Elements.
  2. We have made the round-trip to refine the Signals Feed of an Element via Insights easier. Clicking on the Refine Feed button will now take you to a special "refinement-mode" in Insights. Here, you can now change the search field using the Casual Search, Power Search, and Filters, until the feed really represents the Element. Then hit Save at the top of the list of Signals. The Signals Feed on the Element will now show the Signals matching the refined search field!
  3.  You can now force updates while copying content from one Workspace to the other. Previously, any Elements that had been previously copied, would not get any updates when trying to copy them again. You can now force those updates. ⚠️ Note that this will overwrite changes you have made in the target Workspace!


Upcoming feature delivered with this update:

⚡ Replacement for Attaching Elements to Search Fields
🗺️ Overwrite Changes When Copying from one Workspace to Another