What is ITONICS Workflow?

Workflows are phase-gate processes that push projects and ideas forward. Phase-gate processes can also be set up to easily see in what developmental stage a new technology or trend is, or how a startup is evolving.

Note that this feature will not be automatically available to all subscribers and may be part of a separate ITONICS subscription plan. Contact us at account_manager@itonics.de to trial the feature for free.

Workflow enables you to manage the development and progress of ideas, projects, programs, or drivers of change in a standardized, repeatable and transparent manner. The Workflow feature automates the tasks of manually assigning different people and stages for activities or drivers of change.

Set up workflows to enable driving phase-gate coordination and tracking of project and portfolio management, opportunity discovery, tech management, growth hacking, and ideation.

  1. Why use Workflow
  2. Who can use Workflow
  3. How to set up a Workflow
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1. Why use Workflow

Use Workflow to:

  • Maintain standardized processes by ensuring all projects go through a specific workflow. 
  • Automate different phases of projects by providing a standard process for each stage. Ensure that all the necessary steps are completed before moving [projects on to the next phase.
  • Ensure that certain criteria are met before projects move on to the next phases, and prioritize projects accordingly. 
  • Manage the different stages of large volumes of different projects. 
  • Track the progress of projects by seeing in what phase it is. Share information easily with stakeholders.   
  • Provide clear visibility and accountability.
  • Organize different teams doing innovation in separate silos by moving projects along using workflow, and visualize progress using Boards. 
  • Ensure that resources are directed toward the most promising and impactful projects.

2. Who can use Workflow

  • Portfolio managers that need to set up criteria for evaluating and prioritizing projects.
  • Project managers that need efficient categorization and routing of projects, ensuring that they are directed to the appropriate individuals or teams for review and implementation. 
  • Innovation teams that want to increase transparency in the project or idea management process. 
  • Growth teams that need to facilitate collaboration and communication among team members, helping to ensure that projects are fully developed and implemented in a timely and effective manner.
  • Teams that need to manage technology innovation and need to monitor the progress of technologies, and provide real-time updates.

3. How do I use Workflow?

Click here to see how to activate the project element type to get started with workflow for project and portfolio management.