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Foresight & Strategy Masterclass

Watch our on-demand masterclass series about best practices and insights in innovation management.

Masterclass Series Foresight & Strategy

Watch the on-demand masterclass!

 Foresight & Strategy - Free Masterclass


ITONICS Foresight & Strategy Masterclasses are focused, interactive learning sessions that provide practical guidance on applying best practices in innovation management. Within 5 sessions á 45 minutes, our innovation experts will guide you stepwise through the whole Foresight & Strategy Process.

All 5 masterclasses at a glance:

  • Session 1: Environmental Scanning
    How do I take emerging Trends & Technologies insights to actionable steps for my organization?
  • Session 2: Pictures of the Future
    How do I create different scenarios with relevance to the success of the organization's future?
  • Session 3: Plannings & Goals
    How do I identify actions and goals based on opportunity spaces?
  • Session 4: Commitment & Management Buy-in
    How do I get management buy-in and commitment for innovation goals?
  • Session 5: Dissemination & Communication
    How do I communicate Innovation goals throughout the organization?
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