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The future of corporate innovation

Combining human and machine intelligence in ITONICS

  • Understand why corporate innovation has experienced decreasing rates of productivity over the past 15 years
  • Learn of the key limitations of prevailing approaches to "democratize innovation" and rely on the "wisdom of the crowd"
  • Explore how AI can help break the productivity ceiling by augmenting human creativity
  • Discover the most promising use cases for AI integration into innovation & R&D functions

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Top innovators deploy AI in their innovation and R&D functions at 3.2 times the rate of their industry peers (McKinsey, 2023). What's more, those companies achieve around 4x returns on innovation investments than their competition.

In this 45-minute webinar, we explore the potential of combining human and machine intelligence in corporate innovation. Gain practical insights, expert tips and tricks for driving innovation using an intelligent Innovation Operating System.

Who should watch

C-level and senior executives specializing in strategy, R&D, and innovation who are responsible for:

  • Defining strategies for organic growth of their organizations
  • Navigating pressure for disruption and accelerating technological change
  •  Boosting the productivity of innovation operations to create sustainable business value
  • Building a viable corporate innovation engine for capitalizing on future growth potential

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