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White Paper: Innovation Framework & KPIs

Discover how to develop innovation capabilities and create a future competitive advantage

Innovation Framework & Innovation KPIs


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Managing innovation is shaping change and uncertainty. Many established companies struggle with this situation because their operations are well-designed and adapted to existing business structures. From that perspective, sustaining and stretching existing business models are the more economically secure bets instead of being the spearhead of change.

Since the future will be different than the present, organizations need a systematic innovation framework to steer towards the future. ITONICS shows you how to leverage innovation capabilities and enhance your innovation activities.

What you'll walk away with:

  • How to systemize your innovation management with an innovation management framework
  • How to develop your innovation capabilities to create a future competitive advantage
  • How to steer innovation activities by KPIs
  • How to move forward and maximize success in the long term