[Released]: Excel Import

The Excel Import allows you to upload your innovation portfolio effortlessly. Easily bring your own content, ratings, and comments into your workspace.

The excel import feature allows you to seamlessly import various types of data. The feature comes with the following key capabilities:

  • Import elements: With this new feature, you will no longer be required to manually upload data. Now you can upload elements in bulk, saving you time and effort. The feature supports importing elements specific to each element type and workspace, ensuring precise data organization.
  • Ratings and comments: Keep track of valuable insights and feedback from your team or clients. Our excel import feature allows you to import ratings and comments associated with each element, facilitating comprehensive data management.
  • Element updates: Not only can you add new elements, but you can also update existing ones with the excel import feature. This ensures your workspace remains up to date and reflective of the latest changes.



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