How can I deactivate users from my organization?

You can deactivate users from your organization via the Users & Invitations menu.

You can deactivate users from your organization by navigating to the Organization Settings. Here, within the Users & Invitations (1) tab you can deactivate users from the Users (2) list.
In the user table you can now deactivate single users by clicking on the X icon (3) in the Actions column.


This will remove a user’s access to your organization. Note that deactivated users ’names will not be shown on elements they have interacted with in the Innovation OS anymore, for example assignments or mentions.

Note: that you can also reactivate users here. Reactivated users will receive an email that they have to confirm in order to access the organization again.

Note: You cannot deactivate Application Admins in the organization. To do this, you must first assign the Member role to the user.