Organization Settings Overview

You can change your organization as well as workspace settings here.

Click on the username on the left bottom corner (1), and then go to the Organization Settings (2).

This will take you to the central settings where you can change settings for both your organization, and for the workspaces within your organization. For organizations, the following categories of settings are available:


General Settings
Change the picture/logo of your organization.
Edit the organization name.

Change the primary contact of your organization.
Deactivate or reactivate your organization.


In the Plans & Modules tab, you can check your subscription and contact our Sales team. 


Users & Invitations
In the Users tab, edit existing users' information or deactivate them through the list.
In the Invitations tab, you get an overview of pending invitations. You can cancel and resend invitations from here. 

Use the blue button in the bottom right to invite users.


Hover over the actions button on the lower right to access the Create Workspace menu. Edit or delete workspaces of an organization via the action column in the list.

[PRO] Element Configuration

Configure elements and properties for your organization. Note that element configuration is only available with the ITONICS Professional plan.


[ADD-ON] Embed 

Embed specific areas of your ITONICS Innovation OS in your own website or intranet.


Custom Privacy Policy

A custom privacy policy allows your organization to detail its use of personal data, while the "Privacy by Design" framework by ITONICS, aligned with GDPR principles, provides a reference. Customize the policy with necessary information, activate it using the toggle switch, and ensure user acceptance through the main navigation.


Roles refer to different levels of user responsibilities and permissions. There are two categories of roles: Organization-Level Roles and Workspace-Level Roles.


The default permission scheme differentiates between normal users, users with administrative capabilities and those who are responsible for dealing with payments and billing.
Many different kinds of roles and people are involved in successful innovation management. The ITONICS Workspace Permission Scheme aims to facilitate collaborative work while structuring access to valuable content.



Integrate SSO fully self-managed for a simplified and smooth login process.