Organization Administration: Custom Privacy Policy

With custom privacy policy, we enable you and your organization to add a customized privacy policy to your system.

Add a custom privacy policy for your organization to describe how your organization uses personal data.

The "Privacy by Design" framework by ITONICS can be found on and is based on The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) of the European Union. Depending on your organization, similar restrictions might have to be defined according to regulations in countries or regions your organization is active in or located.

Fill out the required fields and use the toggle switch to activate the custom privacy policy. All users will be asked to accept the updated policy if it is activated. The policy can be found in the left main navigation (exclamation mark).

Note: Only data center services in Europe are being used (AWS region, location of data processing), unless other AWS regions have to be integrated due to technical conditions and requirements from the customer (in particular customer locations in other regions Americas, APAC etc.). In this case, separate reference is made to this.