3️⃣ Navigate between different Workspaces and the ITONICS Showroom

Your Innovation OS is designed to engage multiple teams and stakeholders with different interests on one single source of truth. Workspaces thus allow you to provide each of these groups with different (content) interests their own home.

1. The ITONICS Showroom

2. Switch between different workspaces

The ITONICS Showroom

The ITONICS Showroom is a specific, non-editable workspace provided by ITONICS. The ITONICS Showroom comes with curated content from the ITONICS Analyst team. It consists of curated trends, technologies, and inspirations. 

To start filling your custom workspaces, you can simply copy and paste interesting content from the ITONICS Showroom into any custom workspace. 

It differs from other Workspaces as all users have access to it automatically and can discover and view content only. You cannot create or edit any content in the Showroom, but you can copy the content into your own workspaces to work with it.

To navigate to the ITONICS Showroom, go to the top left corner of your application, click on the name of the workspace you are currently in, and switch it to ITONICS Showroom. Our Analyst team has also created specific filters and views which should help you navigate the Showroom quickly. Just explore the bookmark icon on top and select any relevant view.

The ITONICS Showroom

When you discover something of interest, just hover over the content card and find a checkbox to the top left of the card. Select it and a second menu opens from which you can copy this element with the evaluations of the ITONICS analyst team into your workspace.

Please note that for copying content, the same element type - ITONICS Blueprint: trend, technology, or inspiration - needs to be enabled in the respective workspace as well.

Read more on how you can add content here.

The Showroom also provides some example roadmaps to illustrate how to use the Roadmap tool.

Switch between different workspaces

When you are allowed to access different workspaces, they will be listed in the top left menu. Simply click on the name of the current workspace and click on the name of another workspace to enter it. You can also use the search to find a particular workspace if the list of available workspaces has become too long.

Switch between different workspaces

Please note that you can have different roles and permissions in different workspaces.

You can learn more about the creation and administration of workspaces in this article.