Save and Delete Custom Board Views (Presets)

You can save your customized Board view to share it with all Workspace users.

Save a Custom Board View

  1. Open Boards by clicking on the Board icon (1).
  2. Open the configuration widget by clicking on the gear wheel settings icon (2).
  3. Select Element Type(s) you want to show on the Board.
  4. Select the field you want to use as Columns.
  5. Select the field you want to use as Swimlanes.
  6. Decide whether you want to Show Unassigned Elements or not. Use the slider to activate or deactivate this option.

  7. Click on the Board Presets and select Save as New Preset (3).
  8. Set a Preset Name (4).
  9. Select if this should be a Private Preset or not (5).
    1. Private Presets are only available for you.
    2. Public Presets are available to all users within the Workspace and with permission to access the Board.
  10. Click on Save to finish creating a saved Board view (6).


Reset a Custom Board View

If you have a Board Preset selected and change Columns, Swimlanes, or the Show Unassigned settings, you can reset those changes. Open the Board Preset filter and click on the red DISCARD button.


Edit a Board Preset Name & Visibility Option

To change a Board Preset Name or the visibility of a Preset, open the Board Preset filter and hover over the Preset you want to change. An edit pen icon will appear. In the pop-up you can now change the Preset Name and decide whether it is a Private Preset or not.


Delete an existing Preset

Follow the steps described in the section Edit a Board Preset Name & Visibility Option. In the pop-up, click on Delete Preset.