8️⃣ Smart Actions: Auto-fill texts, images, ideas and ratings

Keeping an overview of developments in your innovation portfolio can take time and effort.

Smart scores are read-only properties that are provided by ITONICS and are auto-populated with new values on a daily basis. This is to help you maintain an overview of developments with less effort. 

Note: This feature will not be automatically available to all subscribers and may be part of a separate ITONICS subscription plan. 

If you would like to try smart scores, please get in touch with us via account_manager@itonics.de.


How do ITONICS smart scores work?

Our monitoring engine calculates a score of none to very high, which holds an aggregation of the growth rate of news, patents, and publications related to the element. To cover a short and mid-period of time, ITONICS provides the two smart scores with different time ranges: 

  • Speed of Change [90 Days]
  • Speed of Change [180 Days]


How to work with ITONICS smart scores?

Add smart scores to an element type

Head to the element type configuration to add the smart scores as a rating criteria to one of your element types.

You can either create a new Rating type group (1) or use an existing one. Choose the ratings you want to add from the dropdown (2).

You can rearrange rating criteria by dragging and dropping and hiding the ones you do not want to use anymore by clicking on the eye icon.

Once you are happy with your rating setup, hit Save Changes


Explore smart scores on the radar visualization

Head over to the technology radar, open the radar view configuration (1), select Distance, and choose either Speed of Change [90 Days] or Speed of Change [180 Days].

You can now see an overview of your technology portfolio that is visualized by the Speed of Change of the last 90 Days.