Use the Element Stack

The Stack allows you to get an impression of a piece of content in the system while remaining in the current context. This is especially handy in Explorer when using the Radar or Portfolio Visualizations.

Expand/Collapse the Stack 

Click the button (window resize icon) on the upper left part of the Stack card to expand or collapse the Stack.


Open detail page in new tab

Click the button (diagonal arrow icon) on the upper left part of the Stack card to open the detail page of an Element in a separate browser tab.


Close the Stack

Click the "X" button on the upper right part of the Stack card in front to close it. Hovering the button with more than one card on the Stack opens an additional button to Close All.


Minimize the Stack

Click on the colored upper bar (collapsed view) or sidebar (expanded view) of the Stack. This allows you to navigate the Explorer on smaller screens without losing the history of the Stack.