The ITONICS Showroom & Content

ITONICS provides you with valuable Trend and Technology content out of the box that can be accessed through the ITONICS Showroom Workspace.

What is the ITONICS Showroom?

The ITONICS Showroom is a Workspace. Workspaces allow you to organize the content your Organization creates and considers interesting. You can grant specific groups of users access to content that is relevant to them, enabling them to collaborate on content scouting, creation and evaluation, as well as planning.

The Showroom contains the content that our analyst team has created for you to use and get inspired by. It differs from other Workspaces as all users have access to it automatically and can discover and view content only. You will not be able to create or edit any content in the Showroom, but you can copy the content into your own Workspaces to work with it.

📌 In order to get started with your own innovation journey, you will need to create your own Workspace. Watch this video to see how!

About the content in the Showroom

As mentioned above, the Showroom contains content in the Explorer module that our analysts created to help you kickstart your foresight activities on ITONICS. Have a look at the Filter Presets we have created to provide you with more focused views on the content, or discover it using the Tag Filter.

🎓 To get a better understanding of how exactly you can use the content for your own purposes, check out this in-depth guide to leveraging the ITONICS content.

The Showroom also provides you with some example roadmaps to illustrate how to plan ahead using the Roadmap tool, as well as several Insights Presets to give you an idea how to define search fields for environmental scanning and scouting.