User Roles & Permissions

There are two types of roles: Organization-Level Roles and Workspace-Level Roles.

Organization-Level Roles


On organization-level, all other users, who are not assigned the Application Administrator role, are called members. Not that members cannot do anything on the organization-level.

Application Admin

Administrators on the organization-level are responsible for the structure of the organization on Innovation OS. Administrators can modify workspaces, manage users and permissions across all organizational workspaces, and manage all billing affairs.

Workspace-Level Roles


Moderators are users, who create and maintain all content, and can rate elements. Moderators are responsible for curating content on the Innovation OS and ensuring the quality of the content. They can also maintain roadmaps.


The Scout can view elements and add new content to the system.


Viewers can view the content in a specific workspace. They can get an overview of the content within the system, but cannot actively engage.


Evaluators can rate content and interact with other users on the system. They are important to help internalize information and translate data into knowledge.

Workspace Admin

Workspace Admins are responsible for the respective workspace. They can invite colleagues to the workspace, moderate discussions, change the structure, and modify information within the workspace.