Which Functions Can I Find on the Roadmap Toolbar?

You can find below functions on the Roadmap toolbar.


The legend offers hints on used activity colors, linked entities and used Milestone types. Navigate to the Activity or Milestone list of the current workspace via the settings wheels.

Roadmap Editor

Change the title and description of your Roadmap.

Layers Editor

Switch the visibility of a Layer (and its sublayers) on and off by using the check boxes beside their titles. Use drag-and-drop to move a Layer (and its sublayers) from one position to another.

Snap to Grid

Magnet snapping is switched on by default. When you drag-and-drop an activity the magnet will cause snapping of an activity item at the start and end of intervals of the timeline.

Creation Mode

The creation mode is activated by default. Use this mode to quickly create activities (click on a space on the Roadmap), retrieve object information (hover over an activity) or edit an item (click on an item).

Navigation Mode

Activate the navigation mode to use the mouse wheel to zoom in and out and the left mouse cursor for drag-and-drop functionality.

Keyboard Shortcuts

    Roadmap toolbar