Workspace Element Configuration (ITONICS Professional)

You can further customize the Elements in each Workspace, including changing what the ITONICS blueprint Element Types look like.

⬆️ Note that the Element Configuration feature is part of our Professional offering. It is not available out of the box and needs to be enabled for your Organization. Contact us at to trial the feature!

There are two reasons you will want to use the Element Configuration on the Workspace-level:

  • You have multiple Workspaces, and in some of them certain Element Types should look different, e.g. have a different Radar segmentation.
  • The ITONICS blueprint Element Types don't quite suit your processes, and you want to change them.

    → If you just want to create new Element Types that look the same for all your Workspaces, you want to go for the Organization Element Configuration!

    How do I get there again?

    Just to recap, these are the way you can get to the Workspace's Element Configuration:

    So what can I do?

    Element Configuration on the Workspace-level offers you some dedicated functionality, and some of the same configuration options as on the Organization-level:

    1. Activating and deactivating Element Types for the Workspace: Note that you can only deactivate an Element Type, if there are no Elements of that type in the Workspace, and if changes to the Element Type in this Workspace have been reverted (see below).
    2. Adding additional Properties to groups (2a) and new groups to the columns (2b): Note how all groups that have been added in the Organization Element Configuration are marked as such (see A above).
    3. Moving Properties (3a) and groups (3b) within and across their containers.
    4. Hiding single Properties (4a) and entire groups (4b) from the view: Note that hiding a Property after values have been added (e.g. you have added the segmentation "Economical" to a Trend in Explorer) will not delete those values. Instead, when deciding to display the Property again, those values will just show up again.

    Note that you cannot overwrite the basic information such as the title, the color, or the icon of your Element Type for the current Workspace only (see B above). There are a couple of more options that aren't available here!

    What can't I do?

    Apart from the restrictions mentioned above, you cannot create custom Properties and Element Types only for the Workspace. You can only customize existing Element Types using Properties previously defined in the Organization Element Configuration.

    And then...?

    Once you have saved the first changes, your Element Type will be marked accordingly (see A below).

    You know also have the possibility to revert the type to its original form - i.e. to the way it looked before you customized it for the Workspace (see B below). Same as hiding a Property, this will not delete any data. If you decide to add a Property back after having reverted, the data will again appear on the Element in Explorer!

    What if I now change something in the Organization Element Configuration?

    Any changes made for the entire Organization, will be merged with the changes you have made for a single Workspace.

    So adding a completely new rating criterion to the Startup type for the entire Organization, will also show up on the Startup-type customized in a certain Workspace!

    Customizing ITONICS blueprint types

    Different from the Organization Element Configuration, where the ITONICS blueprint Element Types are blocked from customization, on the Workspace-level, they are no different from custom Element Types!

    So go ahead and customize Trends, Technologies, and Inspirations to your heart's content!