Conditional formatting

Visualize and interpret numerical data within your Lists according to your needs.

You can apply customizable threshold configurations to your number fields. This feature empowers you to visually distinguish and analyze your data based on specific numeric criteria, making it easier than ever to identify trends and outliers. For example, you might color all elements with a negative budget in red and all elements with a positive budget in green.


How to configure the thresholds.

To access the threshold configuration for any number field, hover over the column header and click the configuration icon to open the configuration modal.

Inside the configuration modal, you will find various tools to help you fine-tune your data visualization.


Activate and deactivate the formatting.

By default, the configuration is turned off. Toggle it on to start the configuration.


Setting the thresholds

In the first row you can specify a value. Any numbers below this value will be color-coded in red.

In the second input field you can enter another value. Any number above this value will be color-coded in green.

Values between the first and second thresholds will be automatically color-coded in yellow


Inverting Colors

For exceptional cases or to match your specific data visualization preferences, there is an option to invert the color scheme. You can switch the color coding, making values below the first threshold appear in green and values above the second threshold in red.


Saving the configuration in your preset

To ensure you keep your custom formatting, make sure to update the List preset that you are currently working with.

Check out How to work with presets for more information.