5️⃣ Exporting Content

To easily bulk update the content in your Innovation OS or to use it elsewhere, the ITONICS Innovation OS provides you with an Excel export functionality. Read on to learn how it works.

Exporting all content elements

You will find the option to export content always within the top menu next to the Search bar [1]. If you do not apply any specific filter or select single elements, all the content that is currently displayed will be downloaded. 

Click the export button, and you will receive an email that contains the files for download [2]. The number of files you receive depends on the number of content/element types contained in the list of content elements. That means that for each content element type contained, you will receive a respective file.

From the email, click on the links and receive the Excel files. 

Please note that

  • the export limit is 1000 elements per request, i.e., one file can at maximum contain only 1000 elements, although you might have stored more elements of the same type. For this, please use the filter option and sequentially request the exports.
  • text style options are not taken into the export. Text is used as plain text.

Exporting filtered content and single content pieces

If you want to export a specific set of content, you can use the filter to specify the content list. Find the filter section at the top right of the screen [3]. Apply your filters. 

When you now hit the export button, the filtered list of content will be downloaded [1]. 

If you only want to export some content elements, you also have the option to select the respective content elements via the checkbox available in the Explorer [4]. Find your content elements, hover over them, tick the checkbox at the top left of the element card, and - once all individual content elements have been selected - hit the export button. An email will be sent to you containing the Excel files to download [5].

Adjusting the permission to allow exporting

Per default, the Workspace Admin and Moderator role have the right to export content. However, you can extend (or restrict) the export permission to other user roles. 

To do so, navigate to the workspace settings from user account and find the workspace permission tab [6].

Click on the tab for the "feature permission" [7] and find the entry that controls the export permission [8]. You can now add any user role and grant permission to export also to other user roles (learn more about the workspace role and permission configuration in this article).

Exporting and re-importing to update content

When you want to use the export option to bulk update the content in your workspace, you can easily do so. Just follow the steps mentioned above, apply your changes directly in the Excel file and re-import the content from the import option, sitting right next to the export option under the three dots [9].

Select now the right content type and upload your edited file.

The structure of the import and export files are 100% identical. Please yet note that text style options are not taken into the export and import. Text is used as plain text. If you click the option to update existing content, styled content will get lost. It might make sense in this case to skip content with applied text styles and edit them manually.

Read more about the import feature in this article.