How to work with KPI reporting widgets

Create interactive visualizations tailored to your specific needs to provide dynamic reporting charts for your data.


Accessing KPI widgets

To harness the capabilities of KPI reporting widgets, simply click on Show Widgets at the top of your List. Clicking on the button opens a stack on the right-hand side of your screen.


Configuration: The first step

If you have not configured any widgets within the current preset yet, you see a configuration page first. Here, you see a range of widget types - each designed to cater to different data visualization requirements. The available widget types (1) include:

  • Donut Chart: Ideal for displaying categorical data, such as Health Status, Phase, or Responsible Business Unit.
  • Average Tile: Offers a quick overview of the average value of a specific field and all elements of your List.
  • Sum Tile: Visualizes the total sum of all elements of your List.
  • Min Tile: Highlights the minimum value of all elements of your List.
  • Max Tile: Highlights the maximum value of all elements of your List.


Upon selecting a widget type, you will be given the power to further customize your widget. The dropdown menu What to visualize (2) that activates below offers a comprehensive list of fields that can be visualized using that specific widget type.

Clicking the Add button (3) adds a widget to your report. 


Add additional widgets

At the bottom is an Add widget button. Clicking on it brings you back to the configuration overview and allows you to configure more widgets.


Remove a widget

Hover over a widget, and a trash bin icon appears. Clicking on the icon removes the widget from your current report.


Saving the KPI widgets in your List preset

KPI reporting widgets are always in the context of the current preset. To ensure that you do not lose your configured widgets, click on the Update button (1) on top of your List or navigate to your Edit List (2) settings and click Update (3) at the bottom to save your KPI reporting widgets into your current List preset. 

If you already saved your widgets in your preset and make changes to them, a message (Unsaved changes) will appear at the top of the List alerting you to the changes in your preset and reminding you to update the List preset if desired.


Check out the article about List presets to learn more.