Notification Trigger Types

Notifications help to keep users engaged by providing them with timely and relevant information.

Element Status

Elements are the central point of innovating in the ITONICS Innovation OS. The following actions, related to the element, will trigger a notification:

  • Your element was published by another user.
  • Your element was archived by another user.

Comments / Mentioning

Comments and mentions in comments are important because they help facilitate conversation and engagement among users. We differentiate between three trigger types:

  • Element Owner has a new comment on his/her Element.
  • A User was mentioned in a comment.
  • User has a new reply on his/her comment.

User Assignment

By assigning people to Elements in the user search field, you can quickly see who owns the Element. Triggers for assignments are:

  • User was assigned to a single/user search field


Staying on top of new ratings help innovation teams to keep track of how internal perspectives are developing around certain elements. We currently trigger a notification for:

  • Element Owner has a new rating on his/her Element.