The Casual Search

The casual search input allows you to search through and select one or more criteria.

Currently, these criteria are limited to the elements you have added in the Explorer, Insights presets and simple search terms.

The Signals engine will use the contents of the elements you have added - the title, summary, and description - to find signals that are similar, taking into account only the most relevant results.

⚠️ Note: Adding a single element without any further filters will produce the same set of signals as the Signals Feed in the Explorer's element detail view.

Adding Search Terms

You can also add search terms to the casual search input. Simply choose the option at the bottom of the input and a tag with the search term will appear. Adding search terms to other elements will narrow the search and decrease the documents in the result set.

Opening an Element

In order to see an element description, you can click on the items in the list representing it in the casual search. This will open it in the elements stack.