🎬 Smart Ideation: Supercharge Your Ideation with GenAI

Tips on how to collect, categorize and evaluate ideas using the Ideation features.

Note: This feature will not be automatically available to all subscribers and may be part of a separate ITONICS subscription plan.  If you would like to test ideation, please contact us via account_manager@itonics-innovation.com.


Ideation is a systematic practice that helps organizations generate and refine concepts and ideas to solve pressing challenges. Through a multi-stage process consisting of phases and gates, ideas are gathered, aggregated, analyzed, developed, and evaluated.

The best ideas are then resourced, prioritized, and implemented to produce new products, services, and business models. Ideation leverages the intelligence of the hive by involving employees, test users, clients, experts, suppliers, or external crowds. Use ideation to:

  • Engage global communities from small teams of experts up to global innovation networks.
  • Systemize and scale ideation. 
  • Connect targeted campaigns to previously identified growth opportunities that are aligned with strategic priorities. 
  • Get instant feedback on submitted ideas with ratings and comments. 
  • Create an entrepreneurial mindset and innovation culture across your organization.
  • Strengthen cross-functional collaboration.

Tips and Tricks to use Ideation

  1. To understand the Opportunity spaces that you want to ideate for, use ITONICS Insights, Radar, and ratings to uncover which opportunities you should act on short, mid and long term. You can create an Opportunity element type to categorize, manage and monitor your Opportunities. You can also connect specific Opportunity elements to specific campaigns and ideas to further help you connect the dots. 
  2. Start your ideation campaigns quickly by using ITONICS best practice templates.
  3. Customize templates to suit your individual campaign requirements. 
  4. Decide whether your campaign should be always-on (bottom-up) or time-bound (top-down). Currently, the ITONICS system only offers always-on campaigns. However, there are still ways to simulate time-bound campaigns.  Time-bound campaigns can be simulated by setting a fixed campaign end date and moving all promising ideas to the next phase at the same time. Additionally, it is possible to close the campaign for submissions in certain phases. These methods allow you to mimic the structure of a time-bound campaign while still utilizing the benefits of an always-on campaign.

    ITONICS Ideation

  5. Decide which roles and responsibilities you need to manage ideation on the ITONICS system.
  6. Decide who within your organization will evaluate which ideas and what the rating criteria should be.  
  7. Link related trends, technologies, and inspirations to your campaigns to familiarize idea submitters with the topic area and inspire them to submit their best ideas. 
  8. Use the watch elements feature to follow specific campaigns or ideas to stay up to date with any developments on the campaign or idea, and use watch elements to receive related signals for the campaign or idea automatically. Let your idea submitters know they can do the same to enrich and develop their ideas on the system continuously. 
  9. If you already have standalone ideas in your ITONICS system, connect ideas to a campaign by following these steps. 
  10. Always keep track of the To-Do progress of each idea within all phases by using the campaign Board, which shows all ideas and their To-Do progress in one view.


How to set up a campaign

Click here to learn how to set up a campaign in the ITONICS Innovation OS.