Working with ideas

Here we describe how to work, manage, and rate ideas within ITONICS Campaigns.

Note: This feature will not be automatically available to all subscribers and may be part of a separate ITONICS subscription plan.  If you would like to test ideation, please contact us via


How to submit an idea

If you have a valuable idea that matches the context of a campaign, you can easily create your idea in just a few clicks.

Follow these steps to create and directly submit your idea to a campaign:

  1. Go to a campaign detail page. You can use the filter in order to find running campaigns.
  2. Click Submit Idea (1).
  3. Fill out the idea form with information on Title and Summary in the modal (2).

Click Publish Idea (3) or Save as Draft (4).





Once the idea has been created, you can add more information, like a detailed description or any other information that is relevant for your idea in the context of the campaign. 

Note: If you click the Save as Draft button in the idea creation modal, you create your idea without necessarily filling out all information already and not making the idea publicly available to all users (check out the permission configuration of your workspace to find out which user roles can view draft elements).


Maintain the to-do’s of your idea

Maintaining the to-do's of your idea is an important aspect of managing your idea to ensure that it progresses smoothly through the different phases and can be considered for the next phases.

To begin, you should regularly review the to-do's of each phase of your idea to ensure that they are up to date. Additionally, you should perform the actions described in the individual to-do’s, for example, enrich your idea with more content and details, such as attaching a business case or adding financial details.

To maintain the to-do’s follow these steps:

  1. Go to the detail page of your idea.
  2. Click on the Workflow tab (1).

Check the checkboxes next to the to-do you have finalized (2). You can also uncheck it if needed.



Note: If there is an open to-do, a red dot will appear next to the Workflow tab on your idea, indicating that there are still tasks that need to be completed. In order to maintain to-do’s, the users must have the permission to edit elements.


Enrich your idea with more information

During the different workflow phases, you may be asked to enrich your idea with additional content and information in order to improve its quality and chances of success.

Information on how to edit elements, in general, can be found here.


Rate ideas

During the different workflow phases, it may be necessary to rate the various ideas in terms of different rating criteria, while the rating criteria may vary depending on the specific phase of the workflow.

Information about how to rate elements, in general, can be found here.


Connect existing ideas to a campaign

If you have an idea that you would like to add to the ITONICS system but do not want to connect it to a running campaign immediately, you have the option to create a standalone idea. This may be useful if there are no running campaigns that align with your idea, if you do not have time to develop the idea yet fully, or if you simply want to save a vague idea for future reference. 

If you then want to connect the standalone idea to a running campaign at a later stage, follow these steps:

  1. Navigate to your idea.
  2. Click on the Connect To list field (1). All running campaigns will be listed.
  3. Select the respective campaign that you want to connect your idea to.

Confirm the action by clicking the Connect button in the shown modal (2).




Note: This selection cannot be undone, and your idea will immediately inherit the workflow from the campaign you are about to connect your idea to.