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Intelligent foresight with ITONICS

Detect the right patterns. Align on what's next.

  • Understand the major sticking points of corporate foresight teams
  • Learn how top innovators scale, centralize, and align foresight intelligence to confidently prepare for change
  • Explore the most promising potentials for AI to augment human cognition and interpretation of external trends
  • Discover tangible use cases in ITONICS that help your company stay ahead the curve

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57% of executives are concerned that their company will become irrelevant in the next 3-5 years based on their innovation pipeline (Dell, 2023). Likewise, a clear majority of innovation and R&D managers rate their company's capability to take action on emerging technology and market trends as insufficient (HBR, 2019). 

In this webinar, we will explore the potential of AI to automate foresight activities, disseminate insights across the organization, and derive clear action plans to enable future growth. Join us to gain practical insights and expert tips for driving foresight intelligence with the ITONICS Innovation OS.

Who should watch

Executives and experts who are responsible for

  • Scenario definition: Create adaptable strategies for multiple future scenarios
  • Environmental scanning: Monitor external factors for trends and disruptions
  • Market research: Understand and respond to evolving customer needs
  • Technology scouting & assessment: Evaluate innovations for competitiveness
  • Long-term planning: Align the organization for future challenges and opportunities

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