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How Lear Innovation Ventures is leveraging AI to spot
opportunities in foresight & innovation


The Challenge

Integrating an AI-enabled platform into the innovation


  • Make signal sensing an integral part of strategic alignment and collaboration
  • Establish an early-warning system for AI-enabled scouting and monitoring of emerging trends, technologies, blind spots and insights
  • Foster synergic alignment and transparency across business units LIV Global Strategy, Global Advances Engineering, Global Innovation teams and domain experts
  • Set up a standardized internal approach to scout, evaluate and process signals and technologies on a regular basis

The continuing story of innovation at Lear begins with the discipline of design focused on delivering products that drive solutions for the increasing expectations of the end consumer.

Lear aims to make every drive better by providing the technology for safer, smarter, and more comfortable journeys. Headquartered in Southfield, Michigan, Lear Innovation Ventures (LIV) aims to advance mobility innovation in the automotive industry. Focused on product, process and business model innovation, LIV intensifies activities around the autonomous, connected, electrified, and shared mobility trends.

The LIV ecosystem is varied and vibrant, ranging from leveraging Lear‘s entire global team, to collaborations with world-class businesses, to connecting with outside partners from the startup, accelerator and incubator, design and venture communities.

In partnership with ITONICS, LIV shapes the culture of AI-powered signal sensing and data-driven decision making to continually invent, innovate and evolve new capabilities and products.

Initial Situation at Lear

  • Need for the right systematic approach to scan and monitor emerging technologies and insights
  • Need for a digital platform for strategic alignment and collaboration across experts and business units
  • Necessity to accelerate the innovation and foresight culture inside the corporation
  • Need for an AI-based tool for emerging signal scanning, evaluating and processing


weak signals




key trends and
technologies identified

The Solution

Contextualizing AI with scouting, evaluating and processing

“In a highly dynamic business and technological setting, recently exacerbated by the COVID-19 pandemic, proactive decision making, foresight and innovation management become even more crucial. Using ITONICS‘ AI-enabled platform, we aimed to enhance strategic alignment across business units and preemptively develop rigorous capabilities, products, processes, technologies to continuously future-proof our business.”
– John Absmeier, Chief Technology Officer, Lear Corporation
Innovation Process of Lear Corporation

LIV is leveraging AI strategies, focusing on AI-enabled scouting, evaluation to influence strategic business and technology decisions to meet the future expectations of its customers. AI is contextualized at LIV using three-tier approach: Scouting, Evaluating and Processing.

Lear Technology Radar powered by ITONICS
Lear Technology Portfolio powered by ITONICS

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About Lear

Lear is a global automotive technology leader in Seating and E-Systems, enabling superior in-vehicle experiences for consumers around the world. Lear‘s world-class products are designed, engineered and manufactured by a diverse team of approximately 165,000 employees located in 39 countries. Lear is driven by a commitment to innovation, operational excellence, and sustainability.


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