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Foresight software tool - ITONICS Foresight


Strategic foresight software for smart actions

Scout, monitor, understand, and evaluate trends, emerging technologies, risks, startups and more on one collaborative platform. Automate environmental scanning and discover growth opportunities faster.

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Why ITONICS Foresight

The go-to-place for all foresight activities

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Detect signals of change faster

Cut through the noise with intelligent always-on signals scanning and monitoring. Speed up time to insight using advanced search and filtering capabilities and automated tagging.

Use templates and workflows to reduce complexity and efficiently organize information.

See how it’s done with ITONICS Insights

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Strengthen data-backed decision-making 

Leverage collective intelligence with ratings and collaboration features. Speed up opportunity identification with automated recommendations.

Map, connect, and contextualize information with visualizations to turn data into insights fast. Share insights and get everyone on the same page.

See how it’s done with ITONICS Radar

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Pinpoint opportunities with improved precision

Gain a clear future vision and boost projection accuracy by centralizing information on a single platform. Unleash the full potential of foresight and streamline your processes effortlessly.

Harness the end-to-end innovation ecosystem to link foresight activities to strategic goals and maximize ROI.

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€ 50,000

Average savings by eliminating duplicate tasks

€ 30,000

Average savings by replacing decentralized software

€ 30,000

Average savings with standardized systems

€ 40,000

Average savings by improving collaboration 

Why the best innovators work with ITONICS Foresight

The pace of technology change is relentless. ITONICS excels by providing a space for our team to share important signals of change and discuss their impact, without distraction. It helps us stay ahead of the curve, multiplies the value of our people, and the time we spend together.
Chris Bennett
Chief Technology Officer
Chris Bennett - Chief Technology Officer - Dolby

Cisco operates in a world of increasing market volatility and globalization. With the Technology Radar we found a solution to effectively and efficiently manage novel technologies to maintain and enhance our competitive position.

Sylvain Baron
Corporate Strategic Innovation
Sylvain Baron - Corporate Strategic Innovation - Cisco

The decisive factor for the success of our project was ITONICS' expertise in trend management. We were not just looking for a software partner, but for someone who is familiar with the topic and who we can trust.

Barbara Siegert
Head of Innovation Management
Barbara Siegert - Head of Innovation Management - DMK Group

Using ITONICS' AI-enabled platform, we aim to enhance strategic alignment across business units and preemptively develop rigorous capabilities, products, processes, technologies to continuously future-proof our business.

John Absmeier
Chief Technology Officer
John Absmeier - Chief Technology Officer - Lear Corporation

The ITONICS Innovation OS supports us in scouting new technologies and products for our pipeline. The huge amounts of data generated in this process are easily searchable for the colleagues involved and can be supplemented and evaluated together.

Dr Maarten Ruitenberg
Head of Technology Scouting & Operations
Dr Maarten Ruitenberg - Head of Technology Scouting & Operations - Merz Therapeutics

See how our foresight solution can transform your business

Start exploring the ITONICS Foresight tool below

The only Innovation OS to scale your innovation pipeline from scouting to execution

Read more on our unique, proven methodology covering the Where to Play, How to Win, and What to Execute within innovation.


Foresight software that scales with you 

Customize your foresight journey with our flexible pricing tiers. Choose the plan that aligns with your goals and maximize your ROI.


For small teams, includes powerful collaboration features.

  • Standard templates Trend, Technology, Opportunity and Inspiration best-practice templates that make it easy to get started.
  • Trend and technology radars Best-practice radar templates to quickly visualize the impact of trends & technologies.
  • Saved searches and filters


For global teams to scale foresight and insights with enterprise-grade features and 24/7 support.

    Everything in Professional, plus:
  • API access A RESTful API including GET, POST, PUT, and DELETE endpoints to sync data with 3rd party tools.
  • Custom hosting options
  • Custom contracts

Got more questions? We’ve got answers.

Why use foresight software?

Stay ahead in the ever-evolving business landscape through proactive trend anticipation, emerging opportunity identification, and effective risk management. Elevate and automate your foresight endeavors with cutting-edge software, which streamlines environmental scanning and opportunity discovery by centralizing data and leveraging intuitive visualization tools and machine learning for deep insights. Foster seamless cross-collaboration and expedite decision-making.

Use AI-enabled capabilities in the ITONICS Foresight software to process vast amounts of information quickly and accurately and make more informed strategic decisions.

Who is ITONICS Foresight for?

Foresight software for forward-thinking organizations, strategic planners, innovation teams, and decision-makers across all industries. It's ideal for those seeking to enhance their current foresight activities and accelerate reliable opportunity discovery. For business executives, analysts, or innovation teams that face resource constraints and want to empower their organization to navigate uncertainty, seize strategic advantages, and shape a more resilient future for your organization.

What benefits does foresight software bring to my business' performance?

Foresight software provides valuable insights into potential opportunities, enabling you to make better informed decisions and strategic plans. By analyzing data and patterns, it helps you anticipate market shifts and customer preferences faster. ITONICS Foresight streamlines your environmental scanning, opportunity identification, and risk assessment processes, enhancing your ability to adapt to changing conditions and capitalize on emerging trends.

Why should I choose ITONICS Foresight software?

ITONICS Foresight offers highly configurable software as a service that elevates the performance of teams of any size.

Accelerate work with ready-made templates, while an array of visualization and filtering tools, along with AI-powered capabilities, amplify human potential, enabling your teams to achieve more with greater efficiency. Streamlined processes and improved decision-making are achieved through advanced collaboration features.

Seamlessly integrating with ITONICS Ideation and ITONICS Portfolio, ITONICS Foresight establishes a systematic end-to-end innovation ecosystem, providing dependable and replicable processes that drive your growth.

How long does ITONICS Foresight software take to set up?

Use ITONICS best practice templates to kickstart your foresight activities. Our experienced customer success teams are ready to support you in setting up your system. Find the right answers to your questions with our comprehensive self-service Knowledge Base and Academy.

Will I need to adapt my current process to utilize ITONICS Foresight software?

No. You can configure ITONICS to suit your individual processes and setup. Our best practice templates and workflows support a speedy setup of a professional foresight process.