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ITONICS Technology Radar for your company


Technology radar for your business

Use the ITONICS Technology Radar to identify emerging technologies relevant to your business, reveal risks and opportunities, and manage a winning technology strategy.

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Foster innovation with tech foresight

Shape your innovation strategy with insights into future technological changes.

  • Digital technology radar
  • Early-warning system
  • Profound technology management system
  • Internal and external tech scouting networks
  • Extensive technology screening
  • Future-driven growth strategies
Fully configurale technology radars

Tailormade technology radars

Build your customized digital technology radar covering the whole process from technology identification to strategic actions and fuel R&D and technology investment decisions. Adapt the technology radar to your business-specific needs, e.g.:

  • Match the radar’s appearance to the CI of your business.
  • Define individual assessment criteria.
  • Apply your own technology management process with rights, roles, and permissions.
  • Configure emerging technology clusters and set up relevant filters to narrow down the scope of interest.
Collaborative technology evaluation with ratings

Joint technology scouting and monitoring

Engage the entire company to identify, discuss, and rate technologies relevant to your company’s future.

  • Use evaluation criteria aligned to your internal terminology and innovation processes.
  • Employ aggregated results to remove bias and drive improved decision-making.
  • Consolidated views empower teams to visualize connections, identify gaps, and spot opportunity spaces.
  • Quickly assess results with aggregated ratings.

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About our software tool for collaborative trend, technology, risk & startup scouting.
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Cisco Technology Radar

How Cisco is speeding up technology foresight with their global “Go-To Space“ for technology management.
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How to Rate Technologies

Your cheat sheet for evaluating and prioritizing technologies and other solution drivers within your business environment.
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Got more questions? We've got answers.

How does ITONICS Radar help my team rate trends collaboratively?

The ITONICS best-practice rating criteria help you get started quickly with collective evaluation of trends, emerging technologies, and risks, but you can also modify rating criteria or define your individual ratings. Users can rate straight from the Radar and you can gauge how confident you can be in an evaluation by either looking at the number of people who added a rating or examining the individual ratings of experts. Combine different ratings to gain insight from aggregated results.

Can the Radar help me identify what trends and technologies are relevant to my organization?

Teams can use ITONICS to collaboratively evaluate trends and technologies in terms of their relevance for the business, then use the Radar to visualize those ratings. Customize the Radar view to draw attention to key rating scores, such as those with a high Need for Action and high Strategic Relevance. The Radar lets you easily compare and filter trends and emerging technologies to identify what is most relevant to your organization’s strategic goals.

Can I use the Radar to foresee pitfalls in new technology?

Yes, by collaboratively rating emerging technologies and visualizing their suitability on a Radar, you can foresee which technology could be the key to success for your company and which ones may result in failure. The Radar, for instance, lets teams rate based on their know-how on emerging technologies.

What exporting and reporting functionality is there with ITONICS Radar?

You can easily zoom in and filter what is important to you on the Radar, then click to export the view as a graphic. Share these graphics with colleagues or add them to presentations. It is also possible to embed your dynamic and interactive Radar visualization on an intranet or external webpage to show it to a wider and even public audience.

Why should I choose ITONICS Radar?

The ITONICS Radar is unique with its customizable features, allowing you to add your own content like trends, tech, startups, inspirations and more. You can create Radars for a wide range of use cases, and configure the rating criteria to suit your organization’s terminology. The Radar lets you visualize your data in four dimensions and multiple categorizations. Customize the view to reflect what is important to you and your transformation journey. Then you have the option to embed your Radar views in any webpage or intranet in order to communicate key insights to stakeholders. As part of the ITONICS Innovation OS, the Radar can act as a single source of truth to overcome internal silos and centralize collective foresight intelligence.