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Foster Innovation with Technology Foresight and ITONICS Technology Radar

Shape your innovation strategy with insights into future technological changes

Your own Technology Radar now simply online

Get started right away and create your own digital Innovation and Technology Ecosystem in a few steps


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Your powerful Radar Tool for informed Technology Management

Spot and monitor highly disruptive technologies and drive your technology vision with your own trend management platform

Tailormade technology radars

Adapt the technology radar to your business-specific needs, e.g.:

  • Match the radar’s appearance to the CI of your business.
  • Define individual assessment criteria.
  • Apply your own technology management process with rights, roles, and permissions.
  • Configure emerging technology clusters and set up relevant filters to narrow down the scope of interest.

Dynamic radar visualizations

Get your tailor-made technology radar to monitor trends, technologies, startups, opportunity spaces, threats, and innovation activities relevant to your business.

Reporting dashboards for top management

Use the digital technology platform for executive reports, presentations, and strategic decision-making.

Digital Technology Radar Tool - Try for free!

Joint technology scouting and monitoring

Engage experts across your company to spot, monitor, and enrich technologies straightforward.

Expert technology assessment

Discuss and evaluate the identified technologies periodically from various perspectives.

Digital technology networks

Bring technology experts together in digital spaces to enhance knowledge exchange and communication.

Technology Radar - Collaborative Rating

Technology discovery in the Web

Fuel your technology radar with patent databases and scientific publications. Integrate ITONICS Web Clipper to push tech input from your browser right into the platform.

Technology and patent database

Manage all relevant technologies, patents, trends, and startups in one single space.

Connect the dots

Understand and visualize the connections between technologies, trends, patents, publications, and industry inspirations.

Seamless integration

Bring your technology portfolios to life by expanding the technology radar with tools such as ITONICS Portfolio or our highly dynamic technology roadmaps in ITONICS Roadmap.

Technology Database & AI-poered Technology Content

Automated tech export

Use automatically generated tech reports to let your results feed into other innovation and technology programs in your company.

Curated tech newsletters

Communicate your technology insights into the company through regular newsletters and boost company-wide technology intelligence.

Your own Technology & Patent Database

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