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Innovation management to systematically drive growth

Use ITONICS’ innovation management platform to automate routine tasks and engage global teams, from strategy to ideation to execution. Delivering a world-class innovation management solution right at your fingertips.

  • Identify opportunities for growth
  • Develop new market-fit products and services
  • Operate balanced innovation portfolios
End2End Innovation Management with ITONICS
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End2End innovation.
Much more than just ideas.

The ITONICS innovation management platform helps answer three strategic questions: Where to Play, How to Win, and What to Execute. From opportunity identification to solving challenges to executing agile programs, our software solution is a one-stop shop.


End2end innovation management process

Innovate smarter with a single point of truth

Bridge the innovation gap. Ensure alignment from strategy to execution. Collect, organize and categorize data, manage phase-gate workflows and deliver board-room-ready reporting. Speed up the innovation process by digitizing and automating environmental scanning and foresight processes, and connect the different phases of innovation on one online platform.

Build a global innovation network to co-create across business units and geographies. Enable cross-collaboration and involve stakeholders on the journey. Encourage participation, improve common understanding, and motivate innovation investment.

Develop rigorous innovation capabilities within your organization and anchor innovation as the driver for growth.

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Tap into the unknown

The first phase of innovation management, "Where to Play", is about understanding which drivers of change influence your business environment. ITONICS Insights is AI-powered and enables teams to quickly and collaboratively gather key market data.

Teams can harness machine intelligence to collect data at scale and turn it into insights. Extract weak signals from millions of verified data points from scientific publications, news, patents, or startup updates in real time.

Centralize your research, establish standardized processes, and build a unified insights ecosystem with your innovation management platform.

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Uncover opportunities

Understand the relevance and potential impact of drivers of change such as trends, emerging technologies, startups, competitors, or risks on your business. Collectively evaluate drivers of change and visualize results on a dynamic Radar. Consolidate multiple layers of information into a single point of truth.

Empower teams in innovation, foresight, strategy, R&D, digitalization and transformation to identify previously unknown innovation opportunities.

Prioritize growth opportunities and challenges to be solved on the path to implementation.

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Use the power of the crowd

Innovation campaigns are an effective method to bring together the right internal and external minds so that they can develop, discuss and evaluate solutions to the challenges of tomorrow. Run idea and innovation campaigns with 5 or 500,000 innovators. Break down silos and strengthen cross-functional cooperation with collaborative ideation campaigns.

Unleash ideas that range from straightforward improvements to true "moonshots". Create the space for win-win innovation collaborations between business units as well as with external partners and startups.

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Optimize innovation portfolios

Pursue opportunities that hold the greatest potential. Map, analyze, and qualify opportunities, transformation programs, and projects to balance quick wins and moonshots. Move forward with initiatives that are most aligned with internal capabilities and business goals. Identify portfolio synergies, gaps, or redundancies to optimize results.

Define the criteria, tasks, or deliverables that projects must meet to move to the next phase. Use workflows to standardize processes and make the health and status of projects transparent. Calculate budgets and forecast the potential impact on projects. Allocate resources at the right time and manage the time-cost relationship of projects.

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Execute innovation programs

Meeting your innovation objectives requires agile coordination of activities spread across several units and partners. Multilayered, interactive, and easily configurable, the ITONICS Roadmap is an essential tool for strategic leaders who oversee growth, R&D planning, project governance, and implementation.

Visually identify bottlenecks or critical hurdles. Identify synergies and make agile decisions to speed up time-to-market. Improve transparency and centralize decision-making. Get everyone on board and moving forward with a successful innovation management solution.

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Empower everybody to innovate. Today.

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Systemize your innovation. At scale.

Content Management

One solution to bring all your innovation efforts together, enrich it collaboratively and evaluate it across different views.

Learn more about Foresight Features.


Customizable criteria enable team members and external experts to rate content in a way that combines collective knowledge.

Learn more about Foresight Features.


Encourage team and stakeholder involvement with easy content sharing, collaborative ratings, and engagement features.

Learn more about Portfolio Features.

Matrix View

Optimize your innovation portfolio by evaluating risk and potential with matrix visualizations.

Learn more about Portfolio Features.


Seamlessly integrate ITONICS into your existing IT infrastructure or 3rd party tools for an enriched and more connected approach.

Learn more about Foresight Features.

Trend Radars

Explore trends and uncover new opportunities for growth using interactive, configurable radars.

Learn more about Trend Radar.

Technology Radars

Visualize emerging tech and identify their relevance for your business. Today, tomorrow, and in 5 years’ time.

Learn more about Technology Radar.

Phase-Gate Workflows

Implement phase-gate processes for evaluation and control in projects and ideation campaigns, to ensure efficient resource allocation and higher success rates.

Learn more about Ideation Features.

Ideation Campaigns

Spark and collect disruptive ideas with global submissions and effortlessly move them to implementation.

Learn more about Campaigns.

Kanban Boards

Manage work-in-progress, maximize flow, and prioritize your most valuable initiatives using interactive Kanban Board.

Learn more about Kanban Boards.

Innovation Roadmaps

Accelerate time-to-market with multilayer roadmaps. Align the efforts of different business units and execute your strategy.

Learn more about Roadmaps.

Best-practice stories from true innovation rockstars

Andrew Willett Toyota Motor Europe


Increasing innovation efficiency and impact at Toyota

Toyota Motor Europe is using the ITONICS Innovation OS to bring together manufacturing centers in Europe on one digital platform to empower innovation.

Today, there are 200 projects of varying sizes on the platform, valued at more than €20 million, and a clear pipeline of new opportunities and proposals.

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Implementation of a company-wide culture of innovation at KSB - success story


Implementing a company-wide innovation culture with ITONICS

Discover how KSB is achieving company-wide culture change with a digital innovation platform powered by the ITONICS Innovation OS. Today, there are over 7,043 active users and more than 1,100 ideas have been submitted. All employees worldwide can actively participate in idea and innovation management.

See how

Innovation Rockstars Podcast with Roman Šiser


A blueprint for systematic innovation management

In this Innovation Rockstars podcast episode, Roman Šiser, Innovation Manager at ŠKODA AUTO, takes us on their innovation journey and explains how innovation management has changed in recent years. Learn how ŠKODA developed a systematic approach to innovation management.

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Innovation Rockstars Podcast with Bob Petrie


Grinding corporate innovation at Citi

In this podcast episode, we are joined by the seasoned entrepreneur and innovator Bob Petrie. In his role as Director of Innovation, Bob gives us an inside look at Citi’s innovation ecosystem, introduces us to Citi Ventures, and elaborates on the symbiotic interplay of the ventures investing and the incubation arm.

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use-case-slider-Leonhard Weiss


A digital and cross-site innovation ecosystem

The innovation platform at Leonhard Weiss, powered by ITONICS, has evolved into the central and company-wide place to go for everything concerning trend and tech scouting, ideation, and innovation portfolio management.

See the results


Innovation Rockstars Podcast with Maria Mileder


Innovation: A global tournament

Together with Maria Mileder, Global Head of Innovation, we take a look into PayPal’s innovation toolbox and learn that innovation has less to do with titles but more with cultural values. The fact that innovation often starts small and is the result of the interplay of many individuals’ contributions becomes especially clear when we talk about PayPal’s Global Innovation Tournament.

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Know what's hot in innovation before others do


Innovation Big Picture

The ITONICS end-to-end innovation approach in one picture: Where to Play, How to Win, What to Execute.
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