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Innovation Management Software Overview

Innovation Management - Software & Services

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Manage the Front End of Innovation

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Innovation is driven by various factors: new and changing customer needs, technological developments, policies and laws, competitor activities and societal change. Cross-industry inspirations, ideas from employees, customers and suppliers, scientific publications, patents, competitor and market insights create a huge amount of data to be monitored, analyzed and managed within the Front End of Innovation.

Those who are able to channel this flood of information and transform it into new products and business models, emerge as winners in the battle for attractive future markets. In practice, these complex relationships can only be managed by the use of sophisticated IT. Many IT providers offer solutions for specific innovation activities, e. g. ideation, with no pragmatic means of linking them to a company's overall strategy. It is therefore no surprise that the return on innovation investment is often low or in worst cases negative.

ITONICS supports the holistic end2end innovation management process, from environmental scanning, trend management, technology & resource management, strategic foresight and ideation to innovation roadmapping.

Environmental Scanning

Disruptive changes happen often and in quick succession with complexity that is almost impossible to comprehend or foresee. Identifying where a particular market is heading, tracking technological progress and how client demands are developing can be a daring endeavour. Our analytical Big Data approach helps clients to spot emerging innovations, analyze technologies and trends and is always ahead of competition.

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Trend Management

We help our clients to create a trend management ecosystem - from structure to trend research and trend based growth strategies. Our trend framework includes proven methodology, trend scouting, software tools and the interpretation.

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Technology Management

Digitization and the Internet of Things are disrupting industries from the automotive to the financial industry. Our Technology Radar methodology and software helps clients to understand the potential in a technology and to create holistic technology portfolios.

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Strategic Foresight

Our methods and software-based approach allow a rapid, collaborative and sustainable creation of future scenarios based on Big Data. We provide individual packages depending on industry and problem to align your strategy to the future.

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Idea Management

An intuitive, collaborative, and motivational idea management methodology and toolset can be the crucial factor in the collection, evaluation and selection of potential improvements, concepts and future products. ITONICS integrates the concepts of open innovation, crowdsourcing and design thinking in a unique innovation community approach.

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Portfolio Management

ITONICS Portfolio is a collaborative tool helping you to compose innovation portfolios that align innovation projects with the company’s strategy. All innovation projects can be linked to business-relevant trends and technologies on the collaborative platform of ITONICS to identify “white spots” in your portfolio.

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Innovation Roadmapping

The interlinkage of markets, products, technologies, and resources allows companies to identify inconsistencies and gaps in the technology and product development and to incorporate new requirements into the innovation process at an early stage.

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We have the Expertise, Methods, and Software Tools for Innovation Excellence

Build and establish an innovation framework. Always be one step ahead. At least.



Our enterprise innovation engine digitizes innovation management and allows you to focus on what's important

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We help you in defining, developing, implementing, establishing and improving all innovation activities

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Workshops & Trainings

From trends and technologies to innovation roadmapping - we offer workshops and trainings for each topic along the way

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What others are saying

Using a collaborative platform, we were able to implement the Innovate Everywhere Challenge as an integral part of our innovation management and engage a world-wide community to team up and innovate together. We achieved a Cisco-wide cultural change and created an interconnected network of innovators.

Alex Goryachev

Director of Innovation Strategy | Cisco

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