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Featured image: Innovation - A Global Tournament

Innovation - A Global Tournament

Maria Mileder, Global Head of Innovation

"If 20 random volunteers can pull off a tournament that now includes 1000s of employees with next to no budget whatsoever, then, you know, everyone else can do their small bit."

In this episode, we are pleased to welcome Maria Mileder, Global Head of Innovation at PayPal. As an expert in the Technology and Innovation space, Maria has been accompanying PayPal for more than 12 years now. Her mission: Enabling everyone to find their entryway into innovation.

Together with Maria, we take a look into PayPal's innovation toolbox and learn that innovation has less to do with titles but more with cultural values. The fact that innovation often starts small and is the result of the interplay of many individuals' contributions becomes especially clear when we talk about PayPal's Global Innovation Tournament. If you want to learn more about this concept to foster and enhance innovation, this is your episode!