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Featured image: People First: Innovating the Individual

People First: Innovating the Individual

Ricardo Brito, Innovation Lead

"You can't innovate a product if you don't innovate the people behind."

In this episode, we are pleased to welcome Ricardo Brito, Innovation Lead at Doodle. Originally, the Portuguese native wanted to be a horror film director, but as what often happens, things turned out differently. Today, as Innovation Lead at Doodle, Ricardo's innovation focus does not only rely on Doodle's products and services, but also on the people working and innovating in the industry.

In this casual exchange, it's all about attitudes, culture, and people. We learn why Ricardo sees "fear" as one of the biggest barriers to innovation, but also why successful innovation starts with people. Plus, Ricardo gives us valuable advice on how to stay in a continuous state of innovation. Curious to hear more? Then tune in!

The episode at a glance:

  • Getting to know Ricardo:
    • Ricardo, please introduce yourself (00:01:07)
    • The 3 sentence starters (00:02:19)
  • Innovation comes from within
    • What are the differences and similarities between the various industries when it comes to the topic of “innovation”? (00:03:17)
    • Why did highly regulated industries got faster? Why do you think this is the case? (00:06:43)
    • How do you - yourself and also at Doodle - look at innovation?? (00:08:26)
    • Is innovation a core capability at doodle? (00:10:30)
    • Facing all the new meeting tools and features out there: How does the philosophy and approach to innovation unfold at Doodle to face the competition out there? (00:11:29)
  • Innovating the individual
    • Change the way we look at innovation: Why not striving for the shiny things, when it comes to innovation? (00:13:30)
    • What would you advise a company acting according to the mantra “innovate or die”? What are the different steps to stay in a continuous state of innovation, and where to start? (00:16:47)
    • If you want to change an organization, you have to change the people: How do you help change individuals for the better? (00:20:18)
    • How do you deal with common struggles like resistance to change, lack of transparency, integrity and followership?(00:23:28)
    • How do you sense - or even measure - that things are going in the right direction when innovating the individual? (00:28:22)
    • How do you at Doodle break down silos and speak the same language? (00:29:55)
  • Closing
    • Ricardo’s 3 key takeaways to take away from this episode (00:33:02)
    • Looking ahead: What to expect from Ricardo & Doodle in the future? (00:35:42)
    • Looking back: Ricardo’s Innovation Rockstar moment (00:37:29)