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Shape the future with data-driven foresight

Identify, shape, and plan growth opportunities systematically with the ITONICS Innovation OS.

  • Automate and digitize foresight activities
  • Internalize knowledge to boost innovation
  • Accelerate opportunity discovery
Continuous Foresight with the ITONICS Innovation OS
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Why is continuous foresight important?

Continuous foresight is an ongoing process of identifying and analyzing change and disruption coming from outside. It is collaborative and systematic and crucial to derive agile strategies in volatile environments.

Detect signals of change before the competition does

Use ITONICS Insights to keep a pulse on change in real-time, cut through the noise, and identify weak signals. Scan the business environment continuously and comprehensively with AI-driven search capabilities.

Scouts around the globe can scan for new startups, trends, emerging technologies, and interesting competitor developments that inform better strategic direction.

Continuous foresight allows you also to track change in business verticals. Monitor competitor behavior and understand emerging players in your field.

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Reduce risk by anticipating future scenarios

Bring drivers of change into focus on the ITONICS Radar and get a 360° view that prepares you for changes and keeps you ahead of the curve. Analyze foresight data with clear visualizations and arrive at answers quickly to inform strategy at the right time.

Evaluate important drivers with collaborative ratings based on strategic fit, business relevance, and need for action. Build a shared vision of the future, define "Where to Play," and form the foundations of your innovation strategy.

Use saved filters in ITONICS Insights to monitor the most important drivers of change and enrich existing trends, technologies, risks, startups, and competitors with related data.

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Understand innovation possibilities in your industry

Use ITONICS trend and technology industry reports and presets to quickly get an overview of some of your industry's most important trends and technologies. Inform business strategy by linking important topics to trends, technologies, startups, and risks.

Identify relevant disruptive technologies through collective evaluation and then validate your findings by continuously monitoring developments. Develop a technology strategy that aligns with business direction and use Matrix views to prioritize projects.

Engage, inform and motivate management to prioritize innovation opportunities with clear information consolidated on one single point of truth.

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Prioritize innovation portfolios. Build viable product roadmaps.

Bring all potential initiatives and projects into view with ITONICS Portfolio. Analyze your innovation portfolio and related investments at a glance. Prioritize projects and align your resources to the opportunities that matter most for your organization.

Plan projects using Kanban boards and keep management in the loop on changing developments. Move innovation projects to implementation and execution on one platform. Use ITONICS Roadmap to visualize multi-layered projects, change programs and get everyone moving in the right direction.

Connect project activities in order to coordinate and adapt action plans in an agile way. Use one single point of truth to create continuous feedback loops and keep up to date with current and critical events that inform various functions of your business.

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Navigate uncertainty with foresight

Content and research on trends, technologies and startups

Kickstart your environmental scanning with ready-to-use trends and technologies compiled by our analysts.

Insights and automation with the ITONICS Innovation OS

Save time with AI-enabled environmental scanning that sorts through masses of data so you can focus on what matters.

Trend radar with industry trends

Explore trends and uncover new opportunities for growth using interactive radars.

Technology radar with emerging technologies

Visualize emerging tech and identify their relevance for your business. Today, tomorrow, and in 5 years’ time.

Configurable risk radar as early warning system

Establish an early-warning system with a risk radar to monitor threats to your company.

Evaluations and ratings of trends and technologies

Customizable criteria enable team members and external experts to rate content in a way that combines collective knowledge.

Inspirator App for spontaneous inspirations and ideas

Capture inspirations on your phone while on the go. Now anyone, anywhere can be a scout.

Web Clipper browser extension for ITONICS Innovation OS

Simple browser extension to collect inspiring content from the web and easily save it directly to the ITONICS Innovation OS.

Software and features for managing innovation portfolios

Connect portfolios with strategy and inform priorities through project workflows, boards, budget planning, and reporting.

Roadmaps for innovation projects, technologies or products

Accelerate time-to-market with multilayer roadmaps. Align the efforts of different business units and execute your strategy.

Empower everybody to innovate. Today.

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Make better, faster, smarter decisions

Read more on our unique, proven methodology that covers the following innovation questions: Where to Play, How to Win, and What to Execute.

Continuous Foresight Process

Best-practice stories from true innovation rockstars

Foresight at Dolby


A foresight movement at Dolby

Dolby is using ITONICS' Innovation OS to help build an internal foresight movement in motion. The platform forms the digital engine of the Dolby Futures Council, an internal institution which deals with all issues relating to possible futures.

Today, about 30 stakeholders are an active part of the initiative, anchoring foresight throughout the organization.

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Cisco Technology Radar - Success Story

Cisco Technology Radar to foster innovation

Cisco operates in a world of increasing market volatility and globalization. With the Technology Radar they found a solution to effectively and efficiently manage novel technologies to maintain and enhance the competitive position.

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 Innovation Rockstars Podcast John Miranda Intel

Driving innovation with corporate foresight at Intel

In this podcast episode, we discuss the Intel Corporate Foresight Program with John Miranda, Director of Strategy, Office Data Center, and the AI Group. Learn how Intel operates a global trend community to continuously shape the company's course.

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Innovation Rockstars Podcast Kara Cunzeman Aerospace

About continuous foresight at the Aerospace Corporation

In this podcast episode, we welcome Kara Cunzeman, Senior Project Lead for Strategic Foresight at the Aerospace Corporation's Center for Space Policy and Strategy. We learn about successful strategic foresight and the importance of dreaming and envisioning.

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Innovation Rockstars Podcast Jonna Leopore Mars Wrigley
Mars Home page

About the foresight formula at Mars Wrigley

Mars Wrigley wants to focus more on the unknowns in the future to anticipate changes in the world early. In this podcast episode with Joanna Leopore, Global Foresight Lead at Mars Wrigley, we learn how foresight helps guide thinking on changing consumer needs and behaviors.

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Innovation Rockstars Podcast Thomas Boermans E.ON

Driving global energy transition through foresight

In this podcast episode, we welcome Thomas Boermans, Head of Foresight at E.ON and passionate Energy Transition Manager. In his role at E.ON, Thomas develops foresight based on trend and technology developments and provides strategic guidance to capture future opportunities and risks.

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Innovation Rockstars Podcast with Jake Sotiriadis Air Force
File:US Air Force Logo Solid Colour.svg - Wikimedia Commons

The golden age of strategic foresight

In this podcast episode, Lieutenant Colonel Jake Sotiriadis, Ph.D., gives us a glimpse into the Strategic Foresight activities at the U.S. Air Force. In addition, we’ll explore why we are currently in the midst of the golden age of Strategic Foresight and why – in that context – it’s high time to bring new job positions like a “Chief Futures Officer” to life.

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