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Idea management software for impactful ideas

Map your idea processes effortlessly with an engaging and interactive idea management software. Engage a global community to innovate, collaborate, and conquer your biggest challenges. Boost idea conversion rates and fast-track implementation like never before.

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Why ITONICS Ideation

The fastest path from idea to market

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Unleash the power of collective expertise

Ignite groundbreaking innovation and seamless collaboration by uniting internal and external ideas. Enhance participation with gamification and harness GenAI for swift campaign and idea creation.

Keep your ideas flowing to fuel innovation and discover valuable partnerships. Build and run your always-on innovation ecosystem with ITONICS.

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Progress seamlessly from ideation to activation

Exploit ideas by connecting idea submissions, categorization and expert evaluations through repeatable processes on an enterprise-grade, scalable online platform. Optimize resources with automated recommendations and customizable phase-gate processes.

Propel the right ideas forward with unparalleled efficiency.

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Drive and scale success together

Amplify cross-functional cooperation and stakeholder alignment through idea boards, customizable dashboards, and smooth collaboration.

Empower smart decision-making and ignite a culture of innovation. Connect ideation, foresight, and innovation portfolio management on the ITONICS Innovation OS.

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The number of ideas submitted


Reduced idea processing time 


External idea proposals per year


New innovation projects initiated

Why the best innovators work with ITONICS Ideation

KPMG Illuminate accelerates the growth of groundbreaking ideas and solutions across our ecosystem. The program aims to drive ideation, incubation, and co-creation of winning solutions with KPMG firms’ clients, alliance partners and startups across the KPMG organization.
Nadine Fahim
Global Innovation & Emerging Technology Leader
Nadine Fahim - Global Innovation & Emerging Technology Leader - KPMG International

Using a collaborative platform, we were able to implement the Innovate Everywhere Challenge as an integral part of our innovation management and engage a world-wide community to team up and innovate together. We achieved a Cisco-wide cultural change and created an interconnected network of innovators.

Alex Goryachev
Director of Innovation Strategy
Alex Goryachev - Director of Innovation Strategy - Cisco
ITONICS is our operating system for all innovation-related initiatives. It has supported us in centralizing our activities to a more streamlined, collaborative, and data-driven process.
Sebastian Schuhmann
Head of Global Innovation Portfolio
Sebastian Schuhmann - Head of Global Innovation Portfolio - DB Schenker
Targeted innovation requires a “single point of truth” to guide people and to make it easy for them to find what’s going on in our organization. The ITONICS Innovation OS is such an environment, bringing together more than 500 Toyota members from our European manufacturing centers.
Andrew Willett
Senior Expert
Andrew Willett - Senior Expert - Toyota

The ITONICS Innovation OS has become an integral part of the new innovation culture and is contributing to cross-pollination of pioneering growth opportunities at Fletcher Building.

Dr Lisbeth Jacobs
General Manager Innovation and Sustainability
Dr Lisbeth Jacobs - General Manager Innovation and Sustainability - Fletcher Building

With the platform, we have created a cross-location innovation community. All employees now have the opportunity to submit ideas and trends, to participate in their realization and thus to shape the future of the company. The product gives thousands of employees in the company the opportunity to drive innovation.

Simeon Eichmann
Head of Research & Development
Simeon Eichmann - Head of Research & Development - LEONHARD WEISS

See how our idea management software can transform ideas into impact

The only Innovation OS to scale your innovation pipeline from scouting to execution

Read more on our unique, proven methodology covering the Where to Play, How to Win, and What to Execute within innovation.

ITONICS Innovation Big Picture

Idea management software that scales with you

Our flexible pricing supports everything from 10 to 1 Million ideators. Choose the plan that aligns with your goals and maximize your ROI.


For small teams, includes powerful collaboration features and best practice templates.

  • Standard campaign templates Get started quickly with well-performing campaign templates to collect ideas and develop concepts.
  • Standard idea template Best-practice idea template that makes it easy to get started and guide your thinking with a proven structure.
  • Standard idea workflow Get started quickly with well-performing workflow templates to streamline your idea funnel.


For global teams to scale innovation management with enterprise-grade features and 24/7 support.

    Everything in Professional, plus:
  • Open innovation gateways Open innovation gateways
  • Gamification Features Gamification Features
  • API access A RESTful API including GET, POST, PUT, and DELETE endpoints to sync data with 3rd party tools.

Got more questions? We’ve got answers.

Why use idea management software?

With an idea management software, you can create an engaging collaborative environment where employees, stakeholders, experts, customers, suppliers, and communities can contribute their creative insights and innovative ideas. 24/7. The ITONICS idea management software provides a structured and interactive online platform to capture, evaluate, prioritize, manage and develop ideas, ensuring that valuable concepts don't go unnoticed.

It enhances transparency and engagement across the organization, facilitating a culture of innovation. By centralizing the ideation process, idea management software streamlines workflows, reduces redundancy, and accelerates the journey from idea generation to implementation.

Who is ITONICS Ideation for?

Interactive innovation management software for organizations of any size that seek a structured, collaborative, and engaging approach to generating, evaluating, and implementing innovative ideas.

Our idea management solutions are aimed at:

  • Innovation teams that drive the growth of a business
  • Employees at all levels contributing ideas
  • Product managers collecting and prioritizing new ideas
  • R&D and engineering teams solving complex challenges
  • Marketing and sales teams to develop innovative strategies
  • Executives to get a clear view of potential growth opportunities
  • Startups and corporates looking to refine business concepts and collaborate cross-functionally

ITONICS is a versatile platform for fostering a culture of innovation and turning creative concepts into actionable solutions.

What benefits does idea management software bring to my business's performance?

Idea management software provides a way to cultivate a culture of innovation, harness collective intelligence, and streamline idea generation, evaluation, and selection processes. By providing a collaborative platform, it engages internal and external experts and communities to submit transformative ideas on one centralized system. Configurable workflows and reporting enhance decision-making and resource allocation, ensuring that the most promising ideas are prioritized and executed.

Why should I choose the ITONICS Ideation software?

ITONICS Ideation provides configurable software that leverages the collective intelligence of a few or a multitude of collaborators, offering a diverse spectrum of creativity and insights. Optimize the value of your ideation initiatives with ITONICS' best practice templates and workflows, expediting the journey from idea inception to realization. Collaborative tools foster broad engagement, while an array of visualization, filtering, reporting, and categorization features illuminate strategic areas and eliminate redundancies.

Empower decision-making through configurable reporting dashboards. Seamlessly connect ideation with foresight intelligence and program execution using ITONICS Foresight and ITONICS Portfolio, creating a cohesive end2end innovation ecosystem on a unified platform.

How long does ITONICS Ideation software take to set up?

Use ITONICS best practice templates to set up your online ideation ecosystem quickly. ITONICS Team and Professional are set up in hours. Our experienced customer success teams are ready to support you in setting up and operating your Innovation Operating System. Use our comprehensive self-service Knowledge Base and online Academy to help find the right answers to your questions.

Will I need to adapt my current process to utilize ITONICS Ideation software?

No. You can configure ITONICS to suit your individual processes and workflows in our Enterprise edition. For Team and Professional, use our best practice templates and workflows to streamline your ideation processes.