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Accelerate Moving
Your Data to Insights

As an engine for environmental scanning, ITONICS Insights enables you to scan millions of verified sources in real-time to reveal competitive intelligence.


Scan More. Scout Smarter. Steer Faster.

Spot drivers of change, new trends, emerging technologies, startups, and other early signals in real-time.

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Reduce Complexity, Keep up with Change and Gain
Competitive Edge

For you to take bold bets on the future, you need to analyze more data, more precisely.


Scan the business environment comprehensively and continuously

Empower teams

Make it easy for your teams to act ahead of the competition and develop strategic capabilities needed to make sense of market intelligence.

Streamline environmental scanning
Collated as a live feed, research results from news, patents, publications and web reports are brought together in one place for analysis.

Identify weak signals in real-time
Backed by NLP technology and named entity recognition, teams have instant access to millions of verified sources.

Tool to Scan the business environment comprehensively and continuously


Aggregate signals and gain insights faster

Analyze information easily
Various interactive search filters and accessible visualization layers aggregate Signals to enable you to analyze findings and reveal insights faster.

Contextualize findings immediately 
Timeline, topic, and worldview views provide instant contextual information and a picture that helps you arrive at comprehensive answers quickly.

Discover developments over time 
Easily save search filters that access the most relevant information to use again or share with your colleagues to promote collective understanding and participation.

Software to aggregate signals and gain faster insights


Easily link to your End2End Innovation Process

Discover early signals of change
ITONICS Insights equips you with the evidence required to detect relevant weak signals of trends, new emerging technologies, startups, and other key drivers of change.

A 360° view 
Enrich findings with tags and meta-information and turn relevant signals into elements that can be shared and monitored on ITONICS Radar

End2end innovation process integration
ITONICS Insights allows you to save relevant filters to monitor the evolution of certain opportunities and risks linked to innovation roadmaps and development plans.

Tool to discover early signals of change

Explore Ways to Use ITONICS Insights

Always-on environmental scanning to help you adapt to an ever-evolving and uncertain landscape.

Trend Scouting

Leverage trends to better understand how to drive innovation to meet—and sometimes, create—new desires and demands.

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Technology Scouting

Stay ahead of the competition with the early recognition of emerging technologies to advance your product development and R&D.

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Startup Scouting

Expand within the core- and adjacent opportunities aligned to your innovation goals by searching for, identifying, evaluating, and selecting relevant startups to work with.
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Partner Scouting

Pinpoint potential research, technology or business partners that may provide competitive advantage through cooperation or corporate venturing.
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Harness ITONICS' machine intelligence to collect and translate
data to intelligent insights quickly at scale.

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